Friday, March 8, 2013

Clear Clutches

As the envelope clutch trend fades, a new star takes its place. This star is clear box clutches. Seen all over all the fashion weeks, this incredibly chic bag is definitely the new "it" item to have in your closet. They come in all sorts of sizes, designs and even colors. So with that in mind, how would you style it? Well, since most are simply transparent, they match with literally everything! However, they do look especially nice with fresh, spring colors like mint green or lavender, so they are perfect for the upcoming season. They are also great because you get to show off whats in your purse, like your awesome iPhone case or your Chanel sunnies. On the other hand though, if you don't want people to see what is in your purse, you can always add a smaller clutch inside the clear one for extra style or privacy.
                                                                One with a pattern:
A colored one:
One with mini clutches for the inside: